About Us.

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Brief History

CardCentre Nigeria Limited was incorporated in August 27, 2004. Prior to its incorporation as a limited liability company it had existed as a division of Chams Plc. Under the tutelage of Chams Plc, it has grown to become the foremost provider of card based solutions and related products and services in Nigeria.

At inception CardCentre pioneered local production of scratch cards in Nigeria for Telecoms and Educational Institutions. It produced millions of scratch cards for different sectors of the economy. As a local printing and personalization plant CCNL pioneered the supply of cards to all Banks on the ValuCard scheme between 1992 and 2003. CCNL is the main supplier of secure ID cards for salary and pensions payments to several state governments under the private sector led CASP scheme since 1996.

our vision

To be the dominant smart card solutions provider in the world.

our mission

CardCentre Nigeria Limited (CCNL) was incorporated in August 2004. Since its inception, CCNL has developed a good reputation and built substantial market share in the delivery of major products in the public and private sectors. Over the years, We successfully adopted a strategic and consistent innovation to sustain value creation in the industries we operate.

A result of innovative efforts, CCNL pioneered the production and personalisation of payment cards to all banks in partnership with then Valucard (unified payments) between 1992 and 2003. CCNL successfully delivered various notable projects: including Osun, Anambra, Ekiti, Residency cards, and Nigeria economic summit cards.

Our Core Value





our achievements

Cardcentre has made significant progress in payment Industry and has remained a foremost card company of repute.  Some of the Company’s Mile stones include:

♥ Pioneered local manufacturing of scratch cards in Nigeria

♥ Awarded Central Bank of Nigeria Certificate of Excellence in employment generation under the small and medium enterprise equity investment scheme 2006

♥ Pioneered National identity card project in Nigeria

♥ Produced and personalized over ten (10) million Biometric Verification Number (BVN) cards

♥ Printed 70million Nigeria Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) voters identity cards in 2007.

♥ Produced and personalized millions of residency  cards for various states in Nigeria federation i.e. Anambra and Osun States

♥ Produced and personalized millions of financial cards for Banking and Financial sectors of the economy.


Cardcentre Nigeria Limited is a personalization bureau for both the public and private sector, a market leader in the conceptualization of design, production and personalization of smart card solutions.