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Corporate Solutions

Today’s ID card technology offers more options than ever before when setting up an employee ID program. Depending on your company’s needs, you can produce cards ranging from basic photo IDs for worker identification, to multi functional badges that track time and attendance and control access to company buildings and computer networks. We provide the following corporate solutions;

Employee ID cards

Event ID cards

Visitor Access Cards

Access Control Cards

Attendance Management Cards



As part of our portfolio of identification solutions, CardCentre Nigeria provides superior quality card manufacturing for drivers licenses and national and State identification cards.We Provide the following government solutions;

National ID card

Driver’s License

State ID card

State residency card

International Passports

Multi application smart cards


Financial Solution

CardCentre create added value and convenience for your customers with the ability to issue cards in-branch. We support smaller distribution models without sacrificing the integrity and capabilities of high volume issuing. We also offer an extensive range of card printers and embossers that make it easy for you to conveniently issue cards in-branch, saving your customers time. For high volume orders, we streamline the process by producing cards at a faster rate in our central, secure facility.

Retail Solution

Now you can build lasting relationships with your customers by offering loyalty cards, promotional cards, and holiday tags as a way to thank them for their business. Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening the relationship between you and your customers. Loyalty and gift card programs increase the chances of return visits from your customers, while also helping you to further promote your brand name. Remember to acknowledge frequent visits and to award points to regular customers with loyalty cards!

Leisure Solution

CardCentre is experienced in delivering ID card systems within the hospitality industry, including such establishments as resorts, motels, hotels, event centers, conferences, and even travel agencies. We possess the expertise and know-how to custom design an ID badge system that works for your business. The hospitality industry spans so many types of businesses — all of which deeply rely on ID card systems to present themselves to guests and visitors.

Education Solution

Educational institutions of all shapes and sizes rely on ID cards as a way to increase security while also delivering a great deal of convenient functionality for students and staff. As security becomes a top concern, schools must make it a priority to maintain effective ID card programs. That’s where our flexible solution comes into play–we’ve helped hundreds of schools launch affordable ID programs that meet a wide range of requirements. The needs of each school are different, and with today’s card-printing technology, the options are limitless.

Healthcare Solution

With our healthcare ID card system, you will get a high level of security is extremely important in a hospital or clinic setting, especially with the large number of people passing through these facilities at any given time. ID card systems instantly enhance visual security and provide proof of the person’s identity to administrators and patients who put their full trust in their healthcare providers. ID badges are not limited to solely increasing visual security. They can do so much more in terms of improving operations, efficiency, patient safety, and accuracy.

Transportation Solution

At CardCentre, we are experts at producing smart card solutions for shipping companies, logistics firms, and warehouses with robust, high-performance ID card systems.

Due to the high amount of money in inventory kept in warehouses, and packaging companies, a secure ID system is absolutely essential to safeguarding the facility against unauthorized individuals and non-personnel from illegally entering. ID card systems also work exceptionally well for proper photo identification — make certain that every employee is visibly identified while at work.

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