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CardCentre Nigeria Limited (CCNL) is a leading Smartcard personalization and solutions company that provides comprehensive end to end Identity management , Digital security and Payment solutions for the Financial Services , Telecoms, Govt, Education, Healthcare, Oil and gas, Energy, Transport and other strategic sectors.

SIM Card Production

CCNL oversees the production, distribution and supply of SIM cards to telecommunication companies in Nigeria and Africa. CCNL is one of the pioneers of SIM card manufacturing out of Africa.

Identity Personalization

Identity cards personalization for citizens, residents and employees in all business sectors. Also printing of Loyalty Card Scheme, Gift card and so much more.

Financial Card Solutions

CCNL is certified by Verve and MasterCard for Designing, Printing and Personalization of PVC pre-printed ATM/Debit cards for banks and other Financial institution and sales of card related solutions.

Data / Events Management

Events data management, Events Registration points for events with digital equipments, Digital attendance, Onsite and Offiste attendance badge printing, Data collation and so much more...